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#1050 WhatsApp: no text messages receiving from android / ios apps - crypted messages (axolotl encryption support). new defect critical
#1068 Miranda isn't compatible with EMET new ghazan enhancement critical
#1069 Actman hardcrash with plain settings - just click "2 state button/item" new awkward defect critical
#1074 WhatsApp: crash in "stayConnectedLoop" on reconnection + DataBase nullified (zero data). new defect critical
#1109 Miranda - ошибка при передаче файла через протокол ICQCorp reopened defect critical 0.95
#1222 The window beyond the desktop - daily update new ghazan defect critical 0.95
#1234 После смены пароля и изменении в программе, сервер не принимает авторизацию new defect critical
#1256 невозможно зарегистрироваться в WhatsApp new defect critical 0.95
#1260 Broken avatar update sequence new defect critical 0.95
#1293 Miranda NG destroys Windows 10 after todays UA update new ghazan defect critical
#1299 twitter problem new defect critical
#1319 Critical security flaw: TLS (SSL) cert chain processing is made without using a proxy, directly from the app new ghazan defect critical 0.95
#27 Deleting temporary contatcs on exit new somebody enhancement major
#59 Gmail check new somebody enhancement major
#60 Floating contacts plugin does not save contacts position in multi-display environment new somebody defect major
#79 Краш при подгрузке BasicHistory assigned mironych defect major
#114 Miranda crashed when IRC awaits for new nickname new somebody defect major
#115 Jabber contacts goes offline on unanswered startup dialogs assigned ghazan defect major
#132 History++ html export codepage 1251 assigned mironych defect major 0.95
#151 Service discovery window in Jabber protocol for vertical scroll ignore filter height new defect major
#190 For new profile should be enabled and loaded only basic plugins, not all of them new enhancement major
#206 Дублирование контактов в чате Twitter при использовании сессий. new defect major
#207 Dynamic un/loading bugs new defect major
#215 Crash:Simple Status Message new defect major
#232 garbage in the copied chatlog text when "automatically copy selected text" is disabled in TabSRMM new defect major
#236 SplashScree: bug while playing long sound files new defect major 0.95
#238 tabsrmm aeropeek handle error new defect major
#241 Miranda Text Control plugin crashes frequently new defect major
#242 Traffic counter plugin crashes frequently new defect major
#248 Setting Mood/Activity is always assumed to be successful new ghazan defect major
#249 TabSRMM tabs on side new defect major
#253 SmileyAdd new defect major
#287 Mangled usernames in chat with Japanese locale new defect major
#292 ICQ8+ adds second 0A char at each message's end which causes an empty line new defect major
#293 WUMF doesn't work new defect major 0.95
#304 FtpFile проблема с кириличечкими именами файлов при упаковке new defect major
#308 ICQ Update server list (INVALID DATA) new defect major
#323 Do not Focus on the file transfers assigned ghazan enhancement major
#324 Data corruption with Jabber stream compression new defect major
#330 Принятые файлы создаются с датой 01.01.2004 0:00 new defect major
#340 Hotkeys for switching view modes new enhancement major
#348 Некорректная работа с переменными в Msg_Export new defect major 0.95
#360 Contact List plugin "Clist_nicer" terminates the rename position, when contact list refreshed new defect major
#368 Miranda Crashing when switching tab to a "blinking" window new defect major
#371 gnupg bug on first start reopened sss_sss defect major 0.95
#373 miranda utf-8 support on incoming messages reopened defect major 0.95
#385 <Hide contacts of disabled account> option new enhancement major
#389 Ctrl+(Up/Down) - save written text new defect major
#402 UserInfoex - сбиваются настройки списка контактов при перезапуске Miranda. new defect major
#405 No-group contacts before groups new enhancement major
#410 TabSRMM - sidebar is not customizable new enhancement major 0.95
#427 Add support for QQ new enhancement major
#431 FileFTP autosend link is broken for conferences new enhancement major
#454 AIM shows "undef" for my screen name new defect major
#455 Going invisible makes contacts invisible new ghazan defect major
#483 Jabber: inaccessible VJUD search new ghazan defect major 0.95
#493 Miranda G15 - Miranda-NG crashes when Windows returns from sleep mode new defect major
#495 Miranda G15 Plugin causes Miranda to crash when Logitech Gaming Software starts after Miranda has started new defect major
#500 Db_autobackup: bug in zip-packing new billy_bons defect major
#508 Настойки Advanced Auto Away new defect major
#511 Miranda G15 plugin stops working when Logitech Gaming Software loads when Miranda NG is already running new defect major
#512 MirOTR портит сообщения new defect major
#521 Not accessible selecting contacts in Basic history's scheduler new defect major
#529 Duplicate messages by Popup Plugin new defect major
#533 Miranda should generate alternative nicks by it self new task major
#550 ImportTXT crashes while importing text file with empty event new defect major
#556 Crash in Scriver? new defect major 0.95
#558 Setting Facebook Offline Sets Tray Icon Offline new defect major
#560 Popup + NewXstatusNotify new defect major
#561 UserInfoEx new defect major
#564 IRC logfile does not open new defect major
#566 MirOTR IRC crashes new defect major
#569 iq 'from' attributes are not checked everywhere new ghazan defect major
#581 Nicknames multiply in nicklist in Jabber assigned ghazan defect major
#586 отображение jabber resource new enhancement major
#589 Clist modern - dont refresh contact list new defect major
#599 ClistNicer:"Show status text" feature for better accessibility new Ghazan enhancement major 0.95
#604 ICQ plugin - Cannot unset X-status icon - always hotdog new defect major
#611 Auth requests when importing history via import.dll new defect major
#618 ICQ->авторизация - сбрасывается переключатель new defect major
#654 Поддержка капчи в формах в Jabber new ghazan enhancement major
#656 Typing into clist_nicer to locate contact - inconsistent behaviour new defect major
#661 Clist Nicer: moving through the list with pg-up and pg-down keys not possible anymore new defect major 0.95
#664 Icons are missing in IcoLib for History++ plugin and HistoryPP_icons.dll new defect major
#667 Icons are missing in IcoLib for Proto_Quotes.dll new defect major
#670 Icons are missing in IcoLib for Modern contact list plugin new defect major
#672 Icons are missing in IcoLib for ICQ plugin new defect major
#673 Icons are missing in IcoLib for IEView plugin new defect major
#674 Icons are missing in IcoLib for Jabber plugin new ghazan defect major
#677 Icons are missing in IcoLib for ModernOpt plugin new defect major
#678 Icons are missing in IcoLib for Agent plugin new defect major
#679 Icons are missing in IcoLib for xStatus notify plugin new defect major
#682 Icons are missing in IcoLib for StartupStatus plugin new defect major
#683 Icons are missing in IcoLib for TabSRMM plugin new defect major
#684 Icons are missing in IcoLib for Tipper plugin new defect major
#686 Icons are missing in IcoLib for TopToolBar plugin new defect major
#693 strange behavior when hover on windows taskbar group thumbnail previews new defect major
#706 Авторизация в домене new ghazan defect major
#714 Can't receive XMPP messages after some time new ghazan defect major
#722 TabSRMM killing status change info and messages history after writing or receiving new message new defect major
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