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#132 History++ html export codepage 1251 mironych defect major historyplusplus
#746 Fix "marked read" event when message window is opened ghazan defect major core 0.95.3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1079 Crash upon load. Appears to be related to Clist-Blind, which I still do use. FreakyFwoof defect blocker clist_blind 0.95.5
#475 WinterSpeak can not complete configurate with Keyboard BlubbFish defect critical another plugin 0.94.6
#775 Facebook-plugin inserts some Sent messages in wrong place in history robyer defect critical facebook 0.95.2
#786 ICQ issues with quotation marks and cyrillic messages defect critical icq 0.95.3
#962 User info ext - import/export xml = crash defect critical userinfoex 0.95.5
#1106 Miranda падает при в ходе в настройки с плагином ICQCorp.dll defect critical another plugin 0.95.5
#1223 Facebook Plugin Failing to Load Data Locally after Successfully Connecting to Facebook Server robyer defect critical facebook 0.95.5
#1240 Jabber - Can't send private messages (via chatroom) ghazan defect critical jabber 0.95.5
#1250 Mess with timestamps in JABBER archive (XEP-0136) ghazan defect critical jabber 0.95.5
#1255 Clist_Blind is broken in latest build defect critical clist_blind 0.95.5
#1261 Incorrect archive conversation times processing (XEP-0136) ghazan defect critical jabber 0.95.5
#1262 Ошибка при регистрации в WhatsApp defect critical whatsapp 0.95.5
#363 Skype incompatible with Metacontacts unsane defect major another plugin 0.94.3
#419 Skype & Metacontact crash unsane defect major skypeweb 0.94.4
#474 WinterSpeak dont compile at x64 BlubbFish defect major another plugin 0.94.6
#540 ICQ authorization problem with 3'rd party clients ghazan defect major icq 0.95.1
#542 Vkontakte - long offline messages get cut off elzor defect major vkontakte 0.95.1
#543 Vkontakte - unpassable captcha ghazan defect major vkontakte 0.94.7
#563 Metacontacts + NewXstatusNotify defect major newxstatusnotify 0.95.1
#627 Sounds don't play on XP with the core player defect major core 0.95.1
#629 Filetransfers over Metacontact's are stuck at "initializing..." ghazan defect major core 0.95.1
#699 Crash on send Screenshot White-Tiger defect major another plugin 0.95.1
#702 Jabber removes whitespaces at the beginning and the end of messages ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.4
#717 If database totally encrypted dbchecker ask password 2 times defect major core 0.95.1
#733 MsgExport : write JabberID to exported history log as UIN field, for example robyer enhancement major msg_export 0.95.3
#743 News Aggregator does not load correctly RSS fields mataes defect major newsaggregator 0.95.2
#753 Double message in skype chat defect major another plugin 0.95.2
#780 Синхронизация локальных контактов elzor enhancement major vkontakte 0.95.2
#817 ICQ: Problem with incoming messages with emotions defect major icq 0.95.3
#820 Crash because HistoryStats defect major historystats 0.95.3
#833 crash on exit in emlanproto defect major emlan 0.95.3
#845 Jabber's "invite to conference" window doesn't show jabber sub contacts. ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#849 GG: number and password don't get saved while configuring through Accounts manager defect major gadu-gadu 0.95.3
#858 Setting statusbar text for chatrooms doesn't work for StdMsg/Scriver defect major core 0.95.3
#891 msn plugin defect major msn 0.95.3
#892 avatar on wahts app defect major another plugin 0.95.3
#893 whats app registration defect major whatsapp 0.95.3
#894 registration error in many versions defect major whatsapp 0.95.4
#927 DB Editor++ watches functionality broken defect major dbeditorpp 0.95.5
#941 FB - not works function services. robyer defect major facebook 0.95.5
#942 No emotes default defect major smileyadd 0.95.5
#943 WinterSpeak ignores open message window defect major winterspeak 0.95.4
#946 stack smashed when calling mir_app!FormatTime defect major msg_export 0.95.5
#947 Plugin SMS - not sending defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#951 The service Facebook - Check the unread notifications. robyer enhancement major facebook 0.95.5
#952 Translation Skype - cut logging translation (PL) Mikalair task major skypeweb 0.95.5
#954 Incorrect sorting emoticons defect major smileyadd 0.95.5
#957 GTalk - Open mailbox always opens first account mailbox defect major gtalkext 0.95.5
#960 False popup - deafult emots pack defect major smileyadd 0.95.5
#961 User info ext - not save data (GG) defect major userinfoex 0.95.5
#1019 infinite loop in NetlibHttpRecvChunkHeader() parser ghazan defect major core 0.95.5
#1059 toolbar icons disappear defect major toptoolbar 0.95.5
#1063 WhatsApp: crash on "waconnection.cpp: WAConnection::logData" defect major whatsapp 0.95.5
#1065 hanging at startup Miranda / Миранда зависает при запуске. defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#1080 Miranda does not use tls versions higher than TLS 1.0 ghazan defect major core 0.95.5
#1082 Crash with MSG_Export loaded, caused by authorisation request from Facebook ghazan defect major msg_export 0.95.5
#1102 TabSRMM: crash on CMUCHighlight::match defect major tabsrmm 0.95.5
#1104 Contact's status is not updated defect major contact list 0.95.5
#1158 AssocMgr: permanent crash / memory corrupt on opening xmmp url and cancelling in "dde.cpp (61): UrlActionAsync" and Core: "memory.cpp (134): mir_free" defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#1204 Can't set negative priority in Jabber ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#1216 AIM no longer connects defect major aim 0.95.5
#1221 Gibberish items in clist after import settings and contacts defect major dbeditorpp 0.95.5
#1224 Stoped using room name from bookmark ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#1232 TabSRMM crash defect major tabsrmm 0.95.5
#1233 Проблема отображения всплывающей подсказки со статусами ghazan defect major core 0.95.5
#1238 (Unknown Contact) in Jabber's userinfo ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#1242 Clist_modern's cache changes related bugs defect major clist_modern 0.95.5
#1251 Autologin into Jabber conference executed without correct nickname ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#1253 ModernOpt: crash after plugin enable defect major modernopt 0.95.5
#1259 Tox: default status icon and crash on "tox_proto.cpp (185): CToxProto::SetStatus" / "protocols.cpp (416): CallProtoServiceInt" unsane defect major tox 0.95.5
#1279 empty chat user nick in Facebook robyer defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#1288 When change status tox to online Miranda crashed without crash report unsane defect major tox 0.95.6
#1290 Clist: Crash on "contact.cpp (56): CompareContacts" and "shlcom.cpp (187): SortContact" defect major contact list 0.95.6
#1303 Move Yahoo protocol and YahooGroups plugin to deprecated defect major yahoo 0.95.6
#1313 Sticky Notes & Reminders crashes after adding new reminder defect major another plugin 0.95.6
#291 Дублирование вкладок, одного и того же ID клиента defect minor core 0.95.1
#356 Internal "Bug report/link" doesn't work enhancement minor core 0.94.3
#415 Skype doesn't follow "ident the second line of a message" setting unsane defect minor skypeweb 0.94.4
#621 Настройка режимов вида и метаконтакты defect minor clist_modern 0.95.1
#630 Issues with Metacontact's icon in *srmm ghazan defect minor core 0.95.1
#648 MetaContacts keyboard navigation quirks defect minor core 0.95.1
#650 Skype (Skypekit based) plugin - передача файлов скрытым (якобы оффлайн) пользователям. (File transmittion for Offline/Hiding users) unsane enhancement minor skypeweb 0.95.1
#688 Metacontacts: Add differentiator to sub contact names enhancement minor core 0.95.1
#695 A sound notifying about the silent update having been done enhancement minor pluginupdater 0.95.1
#750 importing old DAT make it unusable anymore defect minor import 0.94.9
#754 MsgExport write in text file nick as (Unknown Contact) defect minor msg_export 0.95.5
#800 CMString::MakeUpper() and CMString::MakeLower() bug ghazan defect minor core 0.95.3
#805 bbcode [img] does not work with https defect minor ieview 0.95.3
#825 Tooltip won't disappear in StdChat defect minor core 0.95.3
#829 NoHistory main menu items do not work ghazan defect minor nohistory 0.95.3
#843 Facebook: links in the Notifications chatroom should follow the choice of the Facebook website option robyer enhancement minor facebook 0.95.3
#844 Chatrooms support enhancement minor xsoundnotify 0.95.3
#930 New message in conference does not update view of floating contact defect minor floatingcontacts 0.95.5
#937 Bug with CTRL+TAB defect minor tabsrmm 0.95.5
#953 Option Auto reconnection protocols. ghazan enhancement minor core 0.95.5
#966 unnecessary character in translation defect minor langpacks 0.95.5
#978 New connection crash (after VirtualBox installed) ghazan defect minor core 0.95.5
#1061 Not all TabSRMM buttons working after language change defect minor tabsrmm 0.95.5
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