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#132 History++ html export codepage 1251 mironych defect major historyplusplus
#746 Fix "marked read" event when message window is opened ghazan defect major core 0.95.3

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1222 The window beyond the desktop - daily update ghazan defect critical clist_modern 0.95.5
#1256 невозможно зарегистрироваться в WhatsApp defect critical whatsapp 0.95.5
#1260 Broken avatar update sequence defect critical avs 0.95.5
#1319 Critical security flaw: TLS (SSL) cert chain processing is made without using a proxy, directly from the app ghazan defect critical core 0.95.6
#236 SplashScree: bug while playing long sound files defect major splashscreen 0.94.1
#293 WUMF doesn't work defect major whousesmyfiles 0.94.3
#348 Некорректная работа с переменными в Msg_Export defect major msg_export 0.94.2
#410 TabSRMM - sidebar is not customizable enhancement major tabsrmm 0.94.4
#483 Jabber: inaccessible VJUD search ghazan defect major jabber 0.96.1
#556 Crash in Scriver? defect major scriver 0.94.7
#599 ClistNicer:"Show status text" feature for better accessibility Ghazan enhancement major contact list 0.95.3
#661 Clist Nicer: moving through the list with pg-up and pg-down keys not possible anymore defect major clist_nicer 0.95.1
#777 The same entry for all of the following per day, from the same author. defect major gtalkext 0.95.3
#792 Задержка при изменении контактом статусного сообщения в clist_blind.dll defect major clist_blind 0.95.3
#842 MetaContacts doesn't respect hiding in Options / Contacts / Filtering defect major core 0.95.3
#856 Поддержка IEView в многопользовательских конференциях enhancement major tabsrmm 0.95.3
#863 IRC: the fields in theewserver dialogueareunlabelled for screenreaders defect major irc 0.95.3
#874 JAWS detects all Chat windows as RichEdit Control defect major another plugin 0.95.3
#880 Metacontacts/subcontacts filtering issues || Проблемы с настройкой фильтрации метаконтактов/субконтактов ghazan defect major core 0.95.4
#883 Changing the status icons kills functional TopToolBar/Смена значков статуса убивает функционал TopToolBar defect major toptoolbar 0.95.4
#902 MirandaG15 plugin crashes when Logitech Gaming Software exits defect major mirandag15 0.95.4
#938 Gmail Multiple Notifier - default browser problem defect major another plugin 0.95.4
#948 Archive - General icon and function enhancement major another plugin 0.95.5
#968 Account Setup icon disappears ghazan defect major core 0.95.5
#973 A change in the data in Skype (info profile), FB (info profile or avatar) enhancement major userinfoex 0.95.5
#987 несколько раз проигрываеться музыка в whenwasit.dll defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#1113 ICQCorp - кракозябли в статусном сообщении defect major another plugin 0.95.5
#1304 ImportTXT utf8 historyplusplus import problem defect major importtxt 0.95.6
#1305 ImportTXT message export import problem defect major importtxt 0.95.6
#1306 Basichistory add unnecessary lines in historyplusplus text export mode defect major basichistory 0.95.6
#1307 basichistory and Unicode export problem enhancement major basichistory 0.95.6
#1308 HistoryPlusPlus codepage bug in html export defect major historyplusplus 0.95.6
#200 Query for new password on "Authentication failed" enhancement minor jabber 0.94.1
#210 ClistBlind: more items in the context menu of groups enhancement minor clist_blind 0.94.1
#213 New type of contact list sorting: "Rate (ignore status)" enhancement minor contact list 0.94.1
#228 Broken filetransfer when sending folders over Jabber defect minor jabber 0.94.1
#319 Scriver: Keyboard Layout change makes Miranda hang defect minor scriver 0.94.2
#361 Trillian mirver in AIM protocol does not show defect minor aim 0.94.4
#484 Jabber: the console is partially inaccessible ghazan defect minor jabber 0.96.1
#486 Scriver: disable autoscrolling in event log area defect minor scriver
#501 Twitter contact inside Meta contact don't load avatar. defect minor core 0.94.6
#520 Default group for contacts in all protocols enhancement minor another plugin 0.94.7
#535 Sample sounds for every plugin providing sound events enhancement minor another plugin 0.94.7
#612 Update Windows is slightly confusing enhancement minor pluginupdater 0.95.1
#632 Editing of contact's ID enhancement minor core 0.95.1
#636 Auto-replacements features enhancement minor core 0.95.1
#641 Remove forced Miranda restart when updating the language pack enhancement minor pluginupdater 0.95.1
#728 Can't delete hotkey defect minor core 0.95.3
#749 importTXT and events defect minor importtxt 0.95.1
#964 GG - does not save properly on the server contacts defect minor gadu-gadu 0.95.5
#1264 Openfire/XMPP: Miranda ignores e-mail updated in roster ghazan defect minor jabber 0.95.4
#1267 Новая фича - вставка ссылки на файл в окно беседы enhancement minor tabsrmm 0.95.5
#1311 FB creates two events on friend request approval robyer defect minor facebook 0.95.6
#219 ClistBlind: quick search on the Clist doesn't work defect trivial clist_blind 0.94.1
#220 Plugin concept: Accessible Pop up service enhancement trivial another plugin 0.94.1
#221 Soundpacks enhancement trivial core 0.94.1
#222 Emoticon Sounds enhancement trivial another plugin 0.93.5
#223 Fingerprint: sounds for different clients enhancement trivial clientchangenotify 0.94.1
#224 Recent contacts: a keystroke to reopen the last opened message window enhancement trivial recentcontacts 0.94.1
#377 Add support for "encrypted" flags for dbevents enhancement trivial core 0.94.7
#628 XSoundNotify: per account message sounds enhancement trivial xsoundnotify 0.95.1

Status: reopened (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1109 Miranda - ошибка при передаче файла через протокол ICQCorp defect critical another plugin 0.95.5
#371 gnupg bug on first start sss_sss defect major new_gpg 0.94.4
#373 miranda utf-8 support on incoming messages defect major icq 0.94.4
#1209 Miranda(Jabber) don't respect changes in "display name" on server side ghazan defect major jabber 0.95.5
#742 Status message not retrieved with Jabber metacontacts ghazan defect minor jabber 0.95.3
#798 TabSRMM: language does not change until restart defect minor tabsrmm 0.95.5
#959 FB connecting after manual disconnect - global status list. robyer defect minor facebook 0.95.5
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