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#1282 Enhance Tabsrmm's "Send Later" feature to function as faux offline messages tabsrmm enhancement 07/10/2016

Tabsrmm currently has an experimental "send later" functionality.

However, it works very poorly.

It only tries to send a message when you are marked as online, never if you are any other status

It only tries to resend the message 5 times (instead of trying continuously) and it also keeps increasing the resend time. At the end, it gives up completely.

You cannot change this behavior in any way.

What I'm looking for is the ability to handle offline messages like Skype used to:

Core features:

Keep trying to deliver the message until it is received or cancelled by the sender or a long period of time passes. Only start trying when the target (contact) comes/is online (protocols that support offline messages don't _really_ need this feature)

Quality of life features:

Automatically switch into "faux offline messaging" when talking to an offline contact of a protocol that does not support offline messaging. Possibly handle the message with its original timestamp, ie. so that it appears in the history at the time when it was sent

The advantage of this would be the protocol-independent nature of these messages, i.e. no support in protocol required for this to work. Kind of like FileAsMessage? does file transfers over any protocol as well.

sss_sss (6 matches)

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#573 GnuPG select own key mechanism bug new_gpg defect 02/06/2014

to reproduce this tricky bug:

1) Generate a New key (in miranda-ng or via GPG itself in console)

2) Click on Select Own key and select this newly generated key

3) Send Public Key (e.g. Send Your Public Key) to someone to establish GPG-secure connection

4) Delete this Key via GPG console

5) Now try to receive message from contact you sent earlier your key

6) You'll get some trash msg (like: ђуг ) and Decryption Failed because no such key exist.

#575 check gpg.exe and gnupg_home in New_GPG new_gpg defect 02/08/2014

If user has wrong path to GPG.exe binary and/or to GnuPG home:

1) On start of miranda-ng there is a check so New_GPG alerts user it will not work 2) If you move these dirs in the process of miranda-ng

in both cases you'll get miranda-ng hanging if you try to communicate with GPG-enabled contact.

From user-perspective there should be some handler giving more info on the error, of course in first case it alerts user, but still breaks the miranda-ng.

#339 new_gpg force to use defective public keys option new_gpg enhancement 05/18/2013

#325 new_GPG incompatibility with other filters (otr, possible secureim) new_gpg task 04/25/2013


It seems it's broken in latest stable release

Message sent via New_GPG is encoded double times in UTF-8, so other contact receives bollocks, like:

Text message: 䩔猹兄㝦瑂潗匱牍㕮瑫栲䵃䥵瀴㈊⭩啓汄洰癄兒儯瑡剘歉浉さ穑偱瘯獹慥慧硅卸扃橰䩅慰䡍ㅱ奭圶牃晑ぎ੨啍穫⽇橅㥌戯畏㉗䱢䜸噐乺䈳偸桑䬳 {0946134E-4C7F-11D1-8222-444553540000}

It occurs only when sending messages, receiving messages over GnuPG encryption works fine.

Rolled back to the older release I had.

#372 gnupg version detection new_gpg defect 06/12/2013

on the first start of the fresh profile if i specify correct path to the gpg.exe and homedir just an empty dir it warns me out that version of GPG is incorrect:


when I click OK it goes to the second menu warning me that there is no private key (thats actually right).

GPG version is correct:

gnupg\gnupg-bin>gpg --version gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.7

Clearly, this is a bug in New_GPG in version detection.

Issue happens in the latest trunk version Miranda NG Version: 0.94.4 alpha build #4922 x64

#1178 support for OMEMO encryption jabber enhancement 02/10/2016

as requested in this thread


here is the ticket :)

http://conversations.im/omemo/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OMEMO_%28encryption%29

gajim already got a plugin. code here: https://github.com/python-otr/gajim-otr/issues/18

wishmaster (1 match)

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#724 TabSRMM of 0.95.1 stable writing Status Changes message with font-color of messages settings, but not with color for "status changes" tabsrmm defect 07/07/2014

Russian-language version below

TabSRMM of 0.95.1 stable writing Status Changes message with font-color of messages settings, but not with color for "status changes"

Miranda NG 0.95.1 Build #9705 (Stable)

I had configured 0.94.9 for Status Changes: black background, gray text. I had updated Miranda NG to 0.95.1 (no any changes in settings!) and now... all changes of statuses is written by GREEN colour on black backgraound (like TabSRMM is reading settings not for "Status changes" (that is exist), but for a common messages -- they are configured by me to be green on black).

Message Sessions -> Message Log -> Global message log display: Internal message log

Updated: The same problem is actual for NewXStatusNotify. It writing with green color (messages color), but not gray color (status change color)


TabSRMM в 0.95.1 стал Status Change выводить цветом шрифта сообщений, а не заданным для Status Change

Miranda NG 0.95.1 Build #9705 (Stable)

У меня было в 0.94.9 настроено для Status Changes: черный фон, серый текст. Перешел на 0.95.1 (никакие настройки не менял!) и... теперь все изменения статусов пишутся на черном фоне ЗЕЛЕНЫМ текстом (как будто TabSRMM берет настройку цвета не для Status changes, которая есть, а для обычного текста сообщений - они у меня зеленые)

Message Sessions -> Message Log -> Global message log display: Internal message log

Обновлено: та же проблема актуальна и для NewXStatusNotify. Он пишет сообщения о смене статуса зеленым цветом (цвет обычных сообщений), а не серым цветом (цвет для status change)

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