Kernel metacontacts:

  • ability to maintain metacontacts without the MetaContacts? plugin;
  • each event is stored only once, no need to duplicate them;
  • FindFirstEvent/FindNextEvent? functions to be redeveloped using the context handle;
  • enhanced events routing from MC to subs;
  • ability to export/import metacontacts, also using the Import plugin;
  • converter from the current MC storage scheme.


  • redesign of the current scheme of the Jabber's second level plugins;
  • moving of all GTalk-related code into the GTalkExt plugin;
  • fixing of all XMPP-related bugs & problems.

Milestone: 0.97

No date set

Multimedia revolution:

  • phonebook support on the base of virtual contacts;
  • media sessions' manager;
  • support for SIP phone calls;
  • support for the peer-to-peer phone & video calls;
  • Jingle support.

Milestone: 0.99

No date set

General stabilization & bugs fixing. Preparation for the release.

Holy Grail of the whole Miranda development lifecycle.

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